Fully configurable Stream NDIaio Sports

Can be used with NDIaio-2K / 2xHDMI, NDIaio-2K / 2xSDI, NDIaio-2xU3. Extending the vMix software, you can get a powerful cutting room with two video inputs, audio, video graphics, score, subtitles, live-cut, slow-play, streaming and recording. Suitable for LowCost sports events, concerts, conferences or churches, with professional output. Parallel stream up to three different platforms (eg FB, RTMP server and YouTube).  

With integrated NDI transfer solution over the Internet, you can cut straight forward with two cameras and comment from your studio.

The comprehensive solution will be tailor-made after you have made the requirements and with the guarantee of full functionality and the best prices!


portable device for editing, recording and streaming videos with two integrated HDMI (SDI) inputs and a touch screen monitor.

NDIaio stream is a professional device for editing, recording and streaming video in real time. It is a fully equipped multimedia studio. This portable system allows practically anyone, even users without the deep knowledge of television production, to create top-of-the-range presentations visually comparable to HD TV shows for professional TV channels.

- 2x HDMI input (you can connect any camera with HDMI output up to 2K resolution)
- the possibility of connecting other NDI inputs,
      - mobile phone with NewTek NDI 
      - any stream or website from the Internet
      - expired conference call on the Internet
      - a desktop or window, for any PC on the network
- WI-FI or 1Gb LAN connection
- touch screen (option to connect wireless keyboard and mouse)
- full use of overlay (overlay) graphics in video
- stream to any platform (RTMP server, YouTube, Facebook ...)
- external audio input via 3.5 mm jack
- real-time Chroma Key, "PIP", "virtual studio sets"
- extend video camera inputs to connect up to 2 cameras via USB3 with external Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle or AVerMedia Extreme Cap U3

The basic program for editing, recording, and streaming videos is the professional vMix SW, with which you have an unlimited number of inputs (1000), 4 overlay channels, custom subtitles, direct input of social networking posts and many other features. The basic functions of the program can also be controlled remotely via any tablet, mobile phone, or PC on the network.

With "NDIaio stream" you can stream your professional stream from anywhere in a short time.

We provide expert service, support, and training (support and training on-line by telephone and through Remote Connection with TeamViewer). Included in the delivery are the basic "hot key" settings for convenient control of the program (after the consultation can be delivered control according to the customer's requirements).

NDIaio StreamHD - 2.420,-USD without VAT

NDIaio Stream4K sport - 2.759,-USD without VAT (1x slow-mo replay, PTZ control)

NDIaio StreamPro sport - 3.270,-USD without VAT (4x slow-mo replay, PTZ control)

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